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Patented technology

 The company has strong ability to develop new technology and new products by combing with the engineering projects. Besides, 9 patented inventions, 99 national inventions and utility patents, 2 proprietary technologies and 13 software copyright are possessed by our company, which covers all the major business of company and are widely used in the petrochemical, storage, fine chemical and fluorine industries, forming the technological characteristics of company’s business.

 New generation of aerobic fermentation tank patent with the feature high efficiency, energy conservation is one of the most advanced patent technologies in domestic. This technology has been used widely in the aerobic fermentation industry, including pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and light chemical engineering. TITAN began to invent this patent technology since 1985, and succeeded in inventing four types of aerobic fermentation tank, which is high efficiency and energy saving type, jet and flowing type, spry ring type and rotary jet type. It not only wins the praises from the customers, but also obtains notably economic and social benefits. This technology is the lists of the national invention patents and utility patents and wins the national new product certificate and national and provincial technological improvement awards. Meanwhile, it has been listed as one of the “Zhejiang province energy saving technology and product promotion catalog” (The seventh batch). The product has been sold from domestic market into the international market, and the volume of fermentation tank gradually expanded from 10m3 to 770m3. The company adopts the design, produce and manufacture united mode to attract business, and undertakes the technical reconstruction of traditional fermentation tank and design manufacture of rotation type aerobic fermentation tank, thus providing the service of the whole process of design, manufacture, retrofit installation and commission. The patent technology of aerobic fermentation with high efficiency and energy conservation will provide consumers with multiple benefits, including increasing yield, saving electricity, saving food and saving coal, which is also a highly advanced technology integrated with utility patent.

 The company obtained numbers of patents in the field of petrochemical and dangerous chemical storage, especially in the foundation treatment of storage vessel, material transport, gathering measurement, oil and gas recovery, tail gas treatment. Cast-in-place hollow floor steel reinforced concrete of the storage vessel foundation has the visible effect in reducing the giant storage vessel investment.  A series of patent technologies form the proprietary technology system in the field of petrochemical storage, which builds the foundation to lead the aspect of storage design in the domestic.

 The proprietary and patented technologies in the fields of the fine chemical and fluorine chemical engineering are targeted at the dangerous process reactor design. TITAN has multiple patented technology in the aspect of part and unit operation, such as equipment structure, gas distribution, stirring and mixing, integrated control, feeding. Meanwhile, TITAN not only researched on the reactor design technology under the high temperature, high exothermic, high corrosion circumstance, but also developed the emergency automatic switching device of lighting device in terms of factory, explosion-proof equipment and emergency lighting. In the area of environmental protection, TITAN can provide a systemic leading technology service in the tail gas recovery process; plant dust elimination scheme and high concentration salt contained effluent treatment.

 Welcome to consult and cooperate with us to overcome technical difficulties; TITAN design will serve you sincerely.


Patented technology

1Double liquid seal constant pressure safety and environmental protection respiratorZL635383321150.6patent for invention
2Continuous waste organic glass cracking recovery process and relevant equipmentZL635383321157.0patent for invention

An integrated single tank concentration device and its concentration proces

ZL635383321156.Xpatent for invention

A recovery process and device of distillation exhaust gas containing non condensable ga

ZL635383321158.4patent for invention

A method and device for deep recovery of chloroform tail ga

ZL635383321159.9patent for invention

A high efficiency and energy saving recovery process and device for high temperature tail gas with different concentration

ZL635383321151.5patent for invention

An intelligent risk monitoring method for chemical hazardous proces

ZL6353833211565patent for invention

A biological denitrification method for low carbon nitrogen ratio wastewater and its special devic

ZL635383321156.6patent for invention

A method of nitrogen removal from wastewater

ZL635383321158.xpatent for invention


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