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Social Responsibility

As a responsible company, TITAN DESIGN is willing to support and participate in programs for public good, and take our own social responsibility.We organized our staffs to take part in many social activities such as “learn from Leifeng, serve to people”, “help the poor and build schools, donate for the Hope Project, build the Hope Stack”. In recent years, our company joined the “Spring Breeze Action” in Hangzhou and the donation for Wenchuan and Yushu. In 2009 our company was commended by the government as “Advanced Company in social responsibility construction of Hangzhou”.

We are “Top 100 largest service company in Hangzhou” in continuous five years;

We are the first batch of the credit enterprise of survey and design industry in Zhejiang province;

We have cooperation with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Industry University, and built a practicing base together to train Masters;

We are the chief editor and participant editor of < Code for Design of General Plot Plan and Transportation of Chemical Industrial Enterprises> (GB50489-2009)

We have domestic advanced patents such as “Jet type aerobic fermentation tank” to help our clients improve production and decrease energy consume;

We tax more than 30,000,000RMB a year in recent years;

We have created more than 200 jobs in recent three years;


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