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Staff in Titan design comes from around the world with different cultural backgrounds, life experience, professional skills, and values.  We are wonderfully blended together to form a vibrant, warm harmonious and diversified family.

Titan design respects people-oriented corporate culture, insists on the people as the starting point and the center. The work is carried out by surrounding the people's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity. We are indicated to create a science and technology enterprise with the satisfaction of employees, customers and shareholders. Engaged in such a positive, open, rich cultural atmosphere, you will always feel the joy of creation, the spirit of cooperation, friendly friendship and brilliant success. Here, sky is so wide that birds can fly freely, and the sea is so broad that fishes can swim and jump. Each employee can easily find a vast space to show their talent. Here is the paradise for pioneer!

Address: Building2,Jinsexixi,No.199,Shuanglong Street,Xihu District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang

Phone: 18197025




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