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Project Construction services

Titan dedicates to provide domestic and international customers with the entire process construction services, mainly including park planning, project location, project proposals, project feasibility studies, engineering design, EPC and projects construction etc.

Titan adopts internationally accepted model, and provides customers with the service e.g. project design, procurement, construction, test run, etc. The management of whole construction project process is systemic and scientific. Thus we can control the safety, cost, schedule, quality of the project effectively, and provide customers with qualified engineering products. According to the needs of customers, we can not only provide a full-featured EPC mode service, but also offer EPCM, DB, PC, EP and other project management services by the service pack.
Titan is awarded Class A Certification of EPC/Turn Key Contract. We have all kinds of senior project managers with excellent business talent and rich management experience, as well as experts in other area e.g. quotation, procurement, construction, start-up, information management and so on. We have successfully completed dozens of all kinds large and medium-sized EPC projects, and receive favorable reviews from domestic and international customers.

Design & Consulting 

        Since Zhejiang Province Petrochemical Design Institute was founded in 1958, our company has undertaken more than 2000 design consulting and construction work at home and abroad. Titan won more than 100 national or provincial outstanding engineering design and consulting, scientific and technological progress awards. Our main business involves petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fluorine chemicals, large petrochemical warehousing and logistics parks, polypropylene products, green energy, light industry, chemical fiber, new energy, gas separation, industrial and civil buildings etc.
         In recent years, Titan has invested a lot of time and effort in the information technology aspects. Next-generation integrated business information platform "Digital Titan" covers all types of management and production work. And we implement comprehensive digital operation and management. Also we have all kinds of professional software used in project management and design. Three-dimensional engineering design has become the master stream of project design.

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