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The company held a meeting of cadres

Published:2018-05-04 Clicks:14501

The company organized and held a meeting of cadres on 2nd May. This meeting is the plenary meeting of cadres after the company's integrated operation system deepening reform plan and the company's institutional reform plan release and the new department's responsible person’s new appointment.

During the meeting, Deyuan He (Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection) gave a class on honest education for all cadres, saying ‘do things honestly and be clean’.

The general manager of the company, Xueming Zhang, propagandized the integrated operation system deepening reform plan, and required them to learn about the spirits and push the reform forward. Jun Wan (The secretary of the party committee of the company, the president of the company) asked every manager to follow the requirement of ‘eight awareness, one representation’. In the meantime, Jun Wan emphasized the tasks and targets of this reformation, and analyzed the market and industry situation. He called on all managers to be advanced, effective and innovative, giving full play to the advantages of corporate systems and mechanisms, and make more teams and employees have access to the market. Therefore, the company can achieve sustainable development through improving competitive force continually.

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