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Career Development

Human resources are the fundamental guarantee for the development company. Titan design focuses on the staff’s training and development. In order to promote the development of talent, cultural cohesion of the people, the company constructs a learning organization, to create a harmonious atmosphere and advocate the enterprises and employees jointly growing up.

Training System: Titan design pays attention to personnel training, and establishes hierarchical classification personnel training and personalized training plan. Through establishing innovative mechanisms to set the grand human resources storage, Titan starts the "Double Stars project," "comprehensive capacity-building and practice" activities to promote young talent and key personnel’s development continuously, which is the talent guarantee for the development of Titan.

Training Platform: Titan design establishes and improves the training system at different levels and training platforms with relative regulations and measures to provide more extensive, diverse and flexible learning opportunities and resources platform for different types of talent. Titan also organizes various forms of job training, assignment training, seminars and academic exchanges, to broaden the horizon and enhance the overall quality.


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