Corporate Culture

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Cultural ideas

Core philosophy

核心价值观.jpg creating value, pursuing perfect.

企业愿景.jpg trusted by clients & respected by society.

企业使命.jpg create safe, efficient and advanced engineering products.



Management philosophy

诚信.jpg We promise to be honest and keep faith to our clients and our engineering projects, observe all the relative laws and obey commercial criterions. We hope to gain our clients’ trust and social respect by our sincerity and honesty.

严谨.jpg We promise to be rigorous and meticulous throughout all our projects, strictly obey industry standards and company processes, make remarkable and long live products.

创新.jpg Our staffs are nimble, creative and open minded. We are willing to create more values to our clients, company and society.

优质.jpg We promise to comply with clients, care about details and quality. We hope to offer our best service by keep improving ourselves.


Codes of conduct

做人.jpg honest, cooperative and open to learn.

做事.jpg diligent, innovative, pursuing excellence.


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