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Talent Concept

    Titan design shows respect to the talent. The talent development and human resources are the company's fundamental, as well as the company's core competitiveness. "Be tolerant to diversity tolerance is a virtue," the company is willing to attract the best and most promising talent, and Titan hopes every employee in the company has a good development. The company's development is driven by the technology, and the development of technology is driven by the talent. Meanwhile, the personal development needs the company to provide the opportunity and space.  The development of company with the development of staff is the pursuit of Titan design.
    Titan design has established a long-term, healthy and sustainable development of the personnel system, combined with the company, such as post-level and professional series. The system provides staff with a clear and diversified career path, continuing to promote young talent and backbone training mechanism, constantly enrich and optimize the selection and appointment mechanism for talent, improve employee career development paths, and promote the rapid growth of talent.

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