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Technology Integration Services

    Titan places much emphasis on engineering and technology research and development. The engineering technology research center has been established, and was titled as “Hangzhou Hi-tech enterprise technology R&D center” by Hangzhou Science and Technology Committee.

There are more than 100 R&D staff in this center, including 89 senior researchers, 49 Ph.D. and master graduates. We have a Long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute and other universities and research institutions. Relevant laboratories and equipment are prepared for the research.

    The main task of Engineering Technology Research Center is to carry out technical research and development on C3 petrochemical chain technology, new energy, fluorine chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, fine chemicals, oil and chemical storage and energy saving projects in various fields. Currently we have 9 invention patents, 99 utility model patents, 2 proprietary technology and 13 software copyrights. "Energy efficient technology of spray-rotating aerobic fermentation" has been selected into "Promotion-oriented Catalog of Zhejiang Energy Saving Technologies (products) (2013 years)".

    Titan dedicates to provide all kinds of projects technical consulting, technology development technology promotion, and technology integration services to domestic and international customers.

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